Led by community advocates to provide 24/7 alternatives to shelter for all unsheltered people in Waterloo Region.

Relaunched the campaign Decriminalize Homeless Encampments in Waterloo Region: we are asking the groups and organizations in Waterloo Region to show solidarity and add their signature to the letter to the regional municipalities with the urgent request a stop of evictions and sanction encampments, respect the claim to human rights and dignity of the unsheltered homeless, and ensure funding and support in locations where people are. Add Your group or organization to the letter as more conversations are on the way with city councils and bylaw enforcement staff by writing to Read the report  producedfor the Region of Waterloo  Staff regarding Encampment Protocols.

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This settlement is “Better Tent City” because:

  • there is a willing landlord
  • there are garbage and recycling bins
  • there are kitchen facilities
  • the community is being set up according to CDC guidelines
  • there are currently 12 insulated cabins
  • the space has access to washrooms and an indoor warming space
  • this is a safe and caring place…

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You can donate food and other necessary items, you can donate online, cash or cheque.

SONICA Exhibit at theMUSEUM


“For the Weary” – A Musical Narrative about Homelessness

“After taking some time to work on grant applications and working out the logistics of this community album, I began making more connections in the community and exploring conversations happening in the media. One person I spoke to was Aleksandra Petrovic Graonic , Executive Director of the Social Development Centre of Waterloo Region. She reached out to me at a community dinner and asked if I would consider writing a song about the affordable housing crisis in the Region of Waterloo.” Mary Neil

Mary Neil For the Weary

Mary Neil listened to the podcast Life Stories of Displacement and she composed “For the Weary”. You will have a chance to watch the musical video produced by Heather Majaury, and posters highlighting testimonies from A Better Tent City, the Unsheltered Campaign, and a poem from your next door neighbour Rick Weber.

More Unsheltered Testimonies is posted at the Social Development Centre Waterloo Region website. 

Sonica Exibit

Sonica Exibit


Peace for All Canada logo

Members of the East African Coalition of Waterloo Region, Peace For All Canada, African Women Alliance and the CIVIC HUB are opening opportunities for access to office space and use of the technology coming this fall.

East African Coalition received Emergency Community Support Grant through United Way Waterloo Region, Heritage Ministry and Youth in Recreation from the KW Community Foundation to ensure support is available for as many students and families is possible during the pandemic, including virtual assistance.


Making the Unconscious Conscious

We will breathe consciously together and share periods of deep equanimity.
The program is ongoing and evolving too. Email Shiv Talwar at the SHEN Centre.

Spiritual Heritage Education Network

Please join us every Monday from 7-8pm, or when you can, for an hour in the evening to enjoy peace and camaraderie together.

Warm regards,

Shiv Talwar