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Shelter 4 All

We Can Do Better Letter

A campaign led by community advocates to provide 24/7 alternatives to shelter for all unsheltered people in Waterloo Region.

Read We Can Do Better letter sent to all municipal and regional councilors to launch a number of immediate actions to support the unsheltered and to ensure

You can send a quick letter to councils and councilors in your municipality and make sure we vote for immediate, mid-term, and long-term housing for our homeless neighbours, family and friends.

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This settlement is “A Better Tent City” because:

  • there is a willing landlord
  • there are garbage and recycling bins
  • there are kitchen facilities
  • the community is being set up according to CDC guidelines
  • there are currently 12 insulated cabins
  • the space has access to washrooms and an indoor warming space
  • this is a safe and caring place…

You can donate food and other necessary items,
you can donate online, cash or check.