Deep Breathing Sessions

Making the Unconscious Conscious

We will breathe consciously together and share periods of deep equanimity.
The program is ongoing and evolving too. Email Shiv Talwar at the SHEN Centre.

Spiritual Heritage Education Network

Please join us every Monday from 7-8pm, or when you can, for an hour in the evening to enjoy peace and camaraderie together.

Warm regards,

Shiv Talwar

The first series to be published is Deep Breathing Session with Shiv Talwar, from the Spiritual Heritage Educational Network (

You can find the resources and learn techniques that will start you off well into your daily practice to mitigate grief and anxiety during distancing and isolation.
1st Workshop Session – Online resources for everyone
2nd Workshop Session – Practical techniques

You can find more videos at the SHEN page

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Hear Shiv talk about the SHEN Centre & read his message to the participants:

Dear Community, Civic Hub Partners, Parents and Grandparents,

Spiritual Heritage Education Network is offering three weekly workshops on breathing skills required to cope with fearful and anxious times we are presently living through. The first session will be on Monday, March 30 at 6:30 to 7:30pm EDT.  Two more will follow on the next two Mondays. You join using the Zoom platform on your computer, ipad or smart phone.

In times like these, fear is natural. It also can cripple us. Can we let it do so? What can we do to prevent it from overcoming and crippling us?

Healthy fear arises from a real threat such as this virus. Fear serves to protect us. But when we allow fear to become all-consuming, it is just human nature to create debilitating and crippling imagined anxieties. We must not let that happen.

Spiritual Heritage Education Network reminds us of a time tested idea to prevent or reverse imagined anxieties. Anxiety is a natural physiological reaction and it can be prevented or reversed with a natural physiological process. The process is breathing, which happens automatically in our bodies 24/7.  Human experience teaches us that when we consciously breathe deep, we calm ourselves down. Who hasn’t heard the refrain, “Calm down; take a deep breath”?

Parents and grandparents are urged first to learn to prevent their personal anxiety and then to teach their children and grandchildren to deal with theirs. Regular practice of deep breathing with family will help us all, young and old, to go through difficult times of physical isolation and disruption of normal lives such as we are experiencing now.

Please feel free to invite your friends and family.

Take care and stay well in the time of physical distancing,
Shiv Talwar